Ways To Save Money When Selling Your Home in Sacramento

A home sale generates hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even with the high revenues and potential capital gains, everyone wants to maximize profits. While you don’t want to spend money that doesn’t provide a return on investment in the final sale price, don’t hesitate to put the right money into your home. Save money in … Continued

Seller Tips

Sellers whose homes that are not in tip top shape may have to put a little bit of extra money or some serious elbow grease into their home to get it ready for market-ready condition. This is Melissa with MegaBliss Real Estate, and I have three tips that could help you save the sell of…

Sacramento Shipping Container or Tiny House?

What is on the other side of this fence? I can’t wait to show you. This is a listing that is currently on the market. One of the best selling points of this house, there’s actually two houses on one lot and the back one is revenue-generating income. It is a Airbnb that is sought…

To Zest or Not to Zest? Can you trust Zillow Zestimate?

Melissa Allman: To zest or not to zest, that’s really the question here. We’ve all seen Zillow estimates or Zestments, and really the truth is can we trust it? Is the juice worth the squeeze? This is Melissa with MegaBliss Real Estate. Hate to sound sour, but the answer is no. Let me explain why.…

Preparing Your House For A Summertime Sale in Sacramento

Hot, hot summers. Not only do temperatures rise during summer months, home sellers have an opportunity to take advantage of a busier market. Families buying a home tend to buy during summer months to avoid uprooting kids and having to change schools. People have more time and better weather to shop for homes in Sacramento. … Continued

10 Tips for Selling Your House in Sacramento

There are all kinds of advice and tips from lots of “experts” about how to sell your house and sell it fast. Sometimes the advice sounds good, and sometimes it seems pretty bizarre. But when you distill all that advice down to its basic essence, you get pretty much the same thing across the board … Continued

Why You Need To Have An Open House For Your Sacramento Home

Once upon a time not so long ago, it was just standard procedure to have an open house as part of the process of selling a home. Now, though, many consider the practice outdated, not very useful, and just a way for your agent to generate leads. But combined with a robust online marketing strategy, open houses … Continued

How To Stay Positive When Selling Your House in Sacramento

Very often people list their home for sale expecting a quick sale at the asking price, thinking buyers will immediately fall in love with it because they love it so much. But the reality is usually very different. Buyers see all the flaws, the price keeps getting negotiated down, and/or the house sits on the … Continued