Meet MegaBliss Real Estate Inc.

Buying or selling a property in California is a big decision, which is why it’s more important than ever that you choose the right real estate professional to be on your side. We’d love to work with you! Learn more about us and why we do what we do.

Melissa Allman is a Sacramento Native, Real Estate Agent, Small Business Owner, and Yogi who puts her family, friends, and clients first. She is a bubbly, fun, and adventurous soul that is always looking for balance and harmony in her busy day-to-day life. In her free time, Melissa likes to spend time with her honey and their 3 year old Doberman Tango, listening to RnB, and cheering on her two adult sons in their many hobbies.

Melissa’s passion to serve others and bring a sense of peace in their lives, so much so that her business motto is “Mega real estate service with a Blissful experience!” Living by the mindset that “your vibe attracts your tribe,” she ensures that she is releasing the right energy into the atmosphere so that she’ll attract those she is assigned to serve. That is one of the many mega elements and mindsets of her business and life.

Sabrina Berhane is the newest member of the MegaBliss team! She has had her Real Estate License for 17 years (WOW!) and has newly rediscovered a love for it!

If you’ve seen Sabrina around before, you probably know her from @tiferetcoffeehouse where she proudly owns and operates!

We’re truly honored to have Sabrina on our team to help get people into houses, and we have no fear that she’ll SOAR with us! 

Nina Ralic moved to Sacramento 14 years ago and fell in love with the area. Her passion for beautiful homes comes from a childhood in art, architecture and design as well as her schooling and career in art.

Nina is Melissa’s Right-Hand Woman, supporting her in a multitude of ways! You’ll see her on tours, inspections, scheduling appointments, and making sure Melissa is on top of all of her treasured clients!

She is an avid animal lover and has 2 rescue dogs that might be a little bit spoiled. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, friends and family, creating art, gardening, and woodworking.

Taylor Olin is a Sacramento Native, Small Business Owner helping other boss-ass women in her community scale and sustain their businesses, and mom to a 4 year old spitfire of a daughter.

Her role in the MegaBliss Team is all things pretty and content related! She’s our marketing maven, making sure our content that you see from us is showing you the best of what MegaBliss has to offer you as a client. She is passionate about helping our clients find their forever homes that will become a place of love and laughter for years to come.

Wendy Latham has lived in the Northern California Area since 1999, and was born and raised in Colorado. She has had her real estate license since 2000 and started her transaction coordinating business in 2009. 

Her role with the MegaBliss Team is to handle all of the paperwork for any homes that are in escrow. She is detail oriented and likes to make sure all documents in the transaction are completed, signed and are compliant to the DRE regulations.

She is a mother to two wonderful children and enjoys traveling, roller blading, hiking, biking, swimming and kayaking.